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Be Still and Know CD - Hebrew Chant of David P. Goldstein

NEW CD: Be Still and Know

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Kumi Ori CD - Hebrew Chant of David P. Goldstein

Kumi Ori CD

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Kavanot CD - Hebrew Chant of David P. Goldstein

Kavanot CD

Visit the Kavanot webpage.

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Chant Calendar

Hebrew chanting is a form of meditation that opens the doors of the heart. Repetition of a sacred Hebrew phrase clears the mind of chatter, and connects us to each other and the Divine.

Workshop available for your community: 6 Passages for Reopening Inner Awareness Through Hebrew Chant

Tikkun Chant Circle

The Tikkun Chant Circle meets monthly in East Pittsburgh - Squirrel Hill and Shadyside (Pennsylvania). During these gatherings, we explore sacred phrases from sources such as Psalms, Isaiah, Jewish liturgy, etc. by immersing ourselves in simple, repetitive melodies and rhythms. We use our collective group energy to deepen our connection to Creation. See the Chant Calendar to the right for locations and times.

In these gatherings, we use music of Rabbi Shefa Gold (www.rabbishefagold.com), David Goldstein, and others.

If you are interested in an upcoming chant gathering, please e-mail me at “dpgold”, with the extension “@yahoo.com”. No prior knowledge of singing, chanting, or Hebrew language is necessary. People of all faiths are welcome.

Jewish Chronicle Article. Check out an article about the Tikkun Chant Circle and David in the Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle:

"Jewish meditation rediscovered through Squirrel Hill chanting group"

Chant Recordings

Each of these chants can be used to help with a particular kavannah (intention) or to deepen your connection with Creator.

To experience the Hebrew Chants, purchase a CD from the links on this page.

To listen Hebrew Chant samples or to purchase individual tracks visit my Amazon or iTunes pages.

Tikkun Chant Google Group

Keep up-to-date with all TIkkun Chant Circle news and upcoming meeting times by joining our Google group. Send a join request to david (add the extension "@owlweb.org").

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